RETRO012 - Rayko - Can't Get Enough

RETRO012 – Rayko – Can’t Get Enough

A quick listen to the radio suggests that disco is back, not that it ever went away here at Retrospective and over the past few months we’ve been proud to work with some of the biggest names on the scene including Heion, Hardway Bros and Ajello. Still there’s certainly something in the air and so what better time to welcome back to the label Spain’s King of the Re-Edits, Rayko, with a stunning new 4 track EP.

Since he last graced us with an EP he’s gone from strength to strength, clocking up an impressive run of releases on labels such as Lumberjacks in Hell, Rare Wiwi and an album soon to be released on NANG. Throw in a relentless touring schedule and it’s easy to see why Rayko is fast becoming one of the most loved names in modern day disco.

So here we have the ‘Can’t Get Enough’ EP, an apt title we think as the second the needle hits and the title track, a trademark boogie dancefloor smash, kicks in you’ll be up on your feet. The hypnotic bassline, the 80′s synth breaks and soulful vocals all combine to stunning effect guaranteeing this a place in the record boxes of the scene’s leading players.

Next up is Rock My World, a cheeky MJ sample and deliciously slow funky groove makes this dance floor dynamite. Flip over to the B side and Rayko increases the pressure with the fiery Step Out Of My Dreams before finally closing off the EP with Touch Me, reworking the classic Fonda Rae cut and delivering one of this summer’s sureshot poolside anthems.

With an unmistakable love and appreciation for disco and boogie and a true talent for taking the dusty classics of the past and given them a new lease of life, Rayko stand outs from the crowd. Internationally in demand as a DJ and with a huge following online, we’re delighted to welcome Rayko back to the Retrospective family.

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RETRO012 - Rayko - Can't Get Enough