Mudegg is a project from Berlin founded two years ago by the record digging mates Tom and Roskow. Because of their musical experiences and love for Disco, Boogie, Loft Classics, Electro, No Wave, House and Techno music they produce their tracks in a very authentic and detailed way. Hence in their productions Mudegg record utelising a studio full of vintage synthesisers in addition to oganic percussions, funky guitars and soulful vocals. With Mudegg what you can hear is pure dirty, funky, nasty and sexy grooves for the dancefloor.

Because of digging together for time, Mudegg also formed the re-issue record label Black Pearl Records to spread & share all their secret musical treasures.


Check their releases below:

RETROLP001 - The Retrospective All Starrs Vol.1

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