Future Feelings

Future Feelings

Future Feelings is a recreation of space-disco, electro-funk and retro-futuristic savoir faire made through late 70’s synths, without falling into cliché or trendy, his music was developed both for dancefloor glory as well as for sensitive listening.

Future Feelings aka Fernando Dimare has been around in the electronic music industry since 1996. This project buzzed some audience since early 2012 when he introduced his Odyssey EP and artists like Thomass Jackson, Adrian Giordano, Dan Solo, Ilya Santana, Iñigo, Richard Rossa, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco among others started remixing his stuff for labels such as Disco Volante, Electrique Music, File Under Disco, Los Grandes, etc, reaching the ears of people like Aeroplane, RAC, and Giorgio Moroder himself.

As a live act or dj set, he been playing in almost every venue of his current Mexican residence on cities such as Mexicy City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, Puebla, Aguas Calientes, Morelia, Torreón, sharing stage and booths with names like Jupiter, Gigamesh, Wookies, Sequencers, Salón Acapulco, Punks Jump Up, Zombies in Miami, Breakbot, Flight Facilities, The Presets among others.


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RETRO015 - Ilya Santana - Big Foot E.P.

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