Eclecticism is definately the keyword word of the Ajello project comprising of Luca (DJ Rocca) Roccatagliati and Fabrizio Taver Tavernelli.

The Ajello sound features a number of influences all of which can be heard in the tracks on this, their first E.P. on Retrospective; electro, new-wave, italo-disco, disco, neurofunk, eurodance, space sounds, early house. Over the years their music has received worldwide support from a host of international artists including Laurent Garnier, Erol Alkan, Dimitri From Paris, Andrew Weatherall, and Nick Fanciulli amongst others.

As well as being busy producing and remixing tracks, the duo can be found performing at various venues in most of the big cities across Europe playing their unique style of music.


Check out their releases: 

RETRO010 - Ajello - Kalimba Tune


Check out their podcasts:

RETROPOD015 - Ajello's Saturday Morning mixtape (Apr 2013)