RETRO015 - Ilya Santana - Big Foot E.P.


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Retrospective is back with a new member of the extended family: Ilya Santana, delivering a killer package featuring remixes by Retrospective’s own longtime superstar Rayko alongside fellow Madrid disco edit king & Moroder Sound Club owner Nelue, Thomass Jackson & Future Feelings.

What do the Human League, Dolly Parton, Lindstrom & the Phenomenal Handclap Band all have in common…….? Ilya Santana has touched them all, with his magical remix fingers, leavin’ them supa-high, and rolling on the dancefloor…with just the right touch of chunk.

His first release was on Daniel Wang’s label Balihu. Wang believed in his talent from the beginning and helped him greatly on his quest. Ilya has since released music on several respected labels like Balihu, Tirk, Permanent Vacation, Airtight, Hoog Choons & Gomma – as well as remixing artists like Human league, Space, Zodiac, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lindstrom, Sugardaddy & more!

For his first release on Retrospective Ilya Sanata has delivered a true classic in his trademark timeless Moroderesque sound perfect for the long summer days and evenings. Combined with 5 rmixes this a monster package not to be missed!